class atk4\\ui\ProgressBar


ProgressBar is actually a quite simple element, but it can be made quite interractive along with jsSSE.


Basic Usage


After adding a console to your Render Tree, you just need to set a call-back:

// Add progressbar showing 0 (out of 100)
$bar = $app->add('ProgressBar');

// Add with some other value of 20% and label
$bar2 = $app->add(['ProgressBar', 20, '% Battery']);

The value of the progress bar can be changed either before rendering, inside PHP, or after rendering with JavaScript:

$bar->value = 5;  // sets this value instead of 0

$app->add(['Button', 'charge up the battery'])->on('click', $bar2->jsValue(100));

Updating Progress in RealTime

You can use real-time element such as jsSSE or Console (which relies on jsSSE) to execute jsValue() of your progress bar and adjust the display value.


Console also implements method Console::send so you can use it to send progress updates of your progress-bar.